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Here's Why a Gold Company CEO Bought a Survival Food Company

The U.S. economy has been in a constant state of uncertainty for over three years. While there have been occasional indicators of recovery and even strength at times, the general sentiment on Wall Street screams for caution while the sentiment on Main Street cries for help. The U.S. Dollar in particular has been hitting American families hard; the money they made before the pandemic simply doesn’t have nearly the same purchasing power today.

This has been a good thing for those who own physical precious metals. Gold has only been below $2,000 an ounce twice this year while silver has maintained stability since its initial Covid boom in 2020. Through this period, Genesis Gold Group has experienced tremendous growth. As a faith-driven precious metals company, they help Americans protect their life’s savings with physical gold and silver whether it’s getting metals shipped to their home or helping them rollover an existing retirement account.

With business booming, one might expect executives at precious metals companies to be splurging on luxury items. For Genesis Gold Group CEO Jonathan Rose, his “splurge” was to invest into a company that helps Americans protect themselves in different ways.

“My career has been spent helping people with their financial security,” he said. “Now I’m helping them with their food security as well.”

Prepare With Genesis is a premium survival beef company that Rose bought late last year. He recognized the challenge with meat in the prepper industry and sought the best company to address it.

“Most survival food is acceptable, but when it came to beef the vast majority of what’s out there is practically inedible,” he said. “I don’t want my family being sustained on ‘beef crumbles’ or scraps, nor do I expect other Americans to do so either.”

Just as Genesis Gold Group takes a transparent approach when helping Americans set up their Genesis Gold IRA backed by physical precious metals, so too does Prepare With Genesis make quality their top priority. They offer long-term storage Ribeye, NY Strip, Tenderloin, and other premium cuts. The all-Texas beef is cooked sous vide, then freeze dried and stored in mylar bags to give it a 25-year shelf life.

With physical precious metals, Genesis is able to protect Americans’ wealth through times of uncertainty. With shelf-stable beef, they can help Americans prepare in case the uncertainty turns into chaos. And in this tumultuous election year, it appears that chaos may be right around the corner.

“We’ve taken pride in our adherence to hope and making educated decisions, not fearmongering,” Rose said. “I hear from clients every day about how other gold companies are telling them the sky is falling. Genesis takes a very different approach by helping people get ready for whatever is to come without trying to scare them into making bad choices.”

Americans can take two steps to achieving security. First, they can request their free, definitive gold guide that lays out how to take advantage of the financial high ground of physical precious metals. Second, they can stock up on long-term storage beef; for a limited time they can use promo code “gold25” to take 25% off their orders at Prepare With Genesis.

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